Exotic and Stylish: Asian-inspired Living Room Decoration

When it comes to interior decoration, different styles of decoration symbolizes different mood and things, some are lousy, busy and colorful, others calm and dull. Asian-style interiors is a blend of all these in moderate measures, symbolizing serenity and tranquility, providing the inhabitants of a home with a relaxing atmosphere from hustle and bustles of daily lives. Asian-style interior decoration cannot be compared with any style of interior decoration when it comes to its distinction, harmony, balance, its ability to achieve more with less space and still provide the user with a spacious living environment. The Asian-style interior decoration is centuries in age, originating from the Far East,
however, it is a combination of several styles of design such as Indian theme, Japanese, Chinese and Korean themes. There are several Asian-inspired decoration styles that you should give a try, I have tried a number of them and the experience was top-notch. My top three components of an exotic and stylish Asian-inspired living room decoration include:


Exotic Natural Fragrance

Unlike other styles of interior decoration that focuses almost exclusively on visuals and paintings, Asian-style interior decoration goes further and beyond, paying attention to the fragrance. A well-fashion Asian-themed interior comprises of scented candles, Sandalwood incense, wind chimes to provide Oriental feel. The several plants and pots that combine in this style make the addition of fragrance more effective, transforming the environment into a perfect comfort hub, that is not only visually appealing but also providing the nose with a nice aroma to feed on. The astonishing thing about this is the fact it is highly cost-effective, not requiring any physical work like patterning or painting to be done on the property.


Exotic but minimal backdrops

Asian themes are predominantly based on natural colors, most times miming natural landscapes using natural colors that blend perfectly with the interior, which is the main reason why the backdrop should be as natural and minimal as possible. Beyond minimalism, the Asian-theme is known to provide a well-relaxed and ambiance atmosphere, thus the choice of color should not be limited to just white, other colors such as cream, night blue, light purple, grey and brown are just perfect as backdrops. These colors have a natural blend with the atmosphere and very effective in providing a calm and exotic feeling.


Incorporate water into the design

Apart from air, water is one of the most natural elements, symbolizing nature as much as possible and providing a life for everything natural. Water is another way of incorporating the Asian style, providing harmonious sound in the living room and making the atmosphere more life-filled. You can opt between using water pots and reflecting pools, for those with a high taste for Asian decorations like myself, a Koi Pond is the best option, the pond can serve as a sculptural installation as well as a focal point in the living room.

Finally, Asian-inspired design or decoration is based on attaining balance and harmony in every aspect and among every component. There must be harmony between the colors, textures and the elements in the environment.

Minimalism and simplicity is beautiful!

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