New home decor trends in 2018

Change is inevitable; especially when it comes to interior design and decoration.

Well, 2018 comes with fresh trends. It’s all about reshaping and refashioning your home. Out with the old and in with the new. Here’s a list of home decor trends 2018 that will make your home look lively and vibrant:

Neutral tones out, Bold colors in

Last year it was all about all-white colors,neutral tones and different shades of grey and black. Bold colors like red, deep blue, orange and green are colors you should definitely be incorporating in your interior decor. Rich shades of brown are also some of the colors trending in 2018.

It is obviously not easy to just shift from neutral colors to bold colors at once. You can enlighten a dull room with a pop of color to change the tone or mood of the room either with a red lamp shade, bold color of pillows or bold color of carpet.

Vintage accessories

Yes! I know. Vintage probably sounds like old items but they have a way of modernizing a home and giving it the elegance it deserves. Some of the things you can add to your home are the likes of old age wall paintings, display of old utensils and glasses on a well designed display shelf. You can also include tribal patterned rugs that will add some vintage vibe to the room.

Metallic interiors


Aren’t we used to the standard wooden dining set and coffee table? Well, metallic interiors are making a come back to home decor trends 2018. Spice up your living room with a copper or rose gold dining set or even classic brass.

Wooden patterns


2017 trends were marble counter tops and tiled floors. The popularity of wooden floors and ceiling has been on the rise. We have always decorated the home forgetting about the ceiling. This year the ceiling of your house can make a bold statement having being decorated with different patterns of wood.
There are other ways that wood can be included in your home interior, not just the floor and ceiling. Instead of having the normal straight frame of a mirror, you can have a rough looking frame of dark mahogany as your mirror frame for a unique design. Also a log can be used as a stool in the house in elevating the beauty of nature in a home

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